Accreditation by the prestigious reportage photographers’ international guild, the AG/WPJA

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just been invited to join the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists, an international accreditation body which invites (in my view) only the finest and most creative of reportage photographers to join their ranks.http://www.agwpja.comI believe that as it becomes increasingly common for anyone with a big camera to announce that they are a wedding photographer, so it becomes more and more important for couples to check that their photographer is accredited by one of the photographic guilds, in order to ensure that they are not disappointed by their photographs. Remember, anyone can buy a big camera, but learning to take good wedding photographs takes years of practice and is both an art and a fine craft. Many photographers shoot weddings to make a bit of extra money, but they quickly find that it is probably the most challenging branch of photography, because of the sheer range of skills it requires a photographer to employ at a very fast pace. I’m very glad that the AGWPJA consider that I have what it takes to join their ranks, which currently include as few as 14 wedding photographers in London. To join the AG/WPJA photographers must show creativity and skill in photojournalism as well as good business ethics and integrity. The AG/WPJA said about my work, ‘You definitely have the ability to take great wedding pictures! Welcome to the AG/WPJA! We are truly happy to extend membership to you.’