Album Love

I’ve just been chatting with photographer Nadine Burzler about what the key trends will be for 2012. My feeling is that paradoxically as digital books get more popular, so will wedding albums. Here’s why.Turning the pages of an actual album is a magical, sensuous experience. It is made even more powerful because it is rarer in this age of computers. I think good wedding albums such as Queensberry will be making a big comeback as people realise the joy of books and of sharing an album in book form.My specialism is telling your wedding story through stunning books. I like to find the real and the beautiful in your story. I believe that the role of a great wedding photographer is both to help you have fun on the day and to capture your memories forever. I believe that one of the best ways to do that is through an album,which becomes a travel journal, a destination where you can relive the journey of your big day. So I work with fantastic printers to tell your story through my beautiful images and words in a choice of the most sumptuous albums.My mission is to revitalise the wedding album as a must have contemporary item of desire! I also intend to create a series of training courses aimed at photographers on improving their storybook style photography and album creation skills, and another series on how to make your own magical albums, for those who love to get creative.Also new for 2012 I have a fantastic service whereby my clients can have their own personalised website in which to share all the photographs of their wedding – both my gorgeous images and the precious (if sometimes ropey!) snaps that friends upload. This means that clients can enjoy all their photographs in one place without all the work of collating guests’ pictures. It also means that guests can order any photographs they like and I will edit the amateur ones to a professional standard before they go to my professional quality printer. It takes a boring task off the shoulders of the couple and means that you can easily share and order all the images. The website is private and can be updated for the honeymoon, Christmas, pregnancy shoots – forever. And whenever you want an album, or framed print, you have but to ask and I will sort it out for you. So if you love taking pictures but never get round to printing them out, you never have to worry again. Hooray!