Glass half full

This week’s date is at The Sampler, on Upper Street, Islington . They also have a branch in South Ken if you must live over that way.If you haven’t discovered Jamie Hutchinson’s truly brilliant little off licence, then get thee down there at once. Buy yourself a sampling card (like an oyster card only for wine!) and tap into any of the bottles that they have available to sample. Prices range from between .65p and a few quid for a sample of the really special vintages.The beauty of this is that you can ensure that you both love the wine that you choose. It’s great fun comparing the wines together. The downside is that you may be drunk by the time you get home for your dinner / ‘early night’.My hot tip is that the staff always have brilliant recommendations so you can quite safely buy the bottles that aren’t for sampling too. In fact, I have generally gone off tap and preferred these. We are about to sample a little pinot gris with are grilled lemon salmon that I am going to attempt not to burn. Wish me luck…Have fun!ps do you like this photo? It was taken by my 9 year old son on holiday! I think I may have competition… I have given it a little bit of tlc with photoshop. Photographer’s prerogative to doctor her own holiday snaps… More holiday snaps to follow soon.  Me in Rome enjoying a little glass of wine and wearing D’s hat, by Leo Campbell aged 9.