honeymoon inspiration

I am fortunate enough to work as a travel writer for many publications including Harper’s Bazaar, The Observer and The Telegraph I have had the luck to travel all over the world and work with many of the top travel companies. Of course, when you are working for the press you get special treatment so it can be hard to tell who is actually the best in terms of value. So occasionally I book a trip privately, so as to get an idea of what I was writing about. Black Tomato quickly became one of my absolute favourite travel companies. I love the way they talk to you and get an idea of exactly what kind of holiday you need, then come up with ideas within your budget, quickly and capably. They create soundtracks to your trip as well, which is a fun idea. And on your arrival home they give you membership of their club, The Vine, which has all kinds of benefits including a free DVD to cheer you up at the end of your holiday, discounted valet parking and discounted Heidi Klein clothing. (There were lots more, but those are the ones that stick in my mind!) If I had to book a honeymoon, they would be my first port of call…http://www.blacktomato.co.uk/12392/luxury-honeymoon-ideas/You can read more about another amazing honeymoon destination that I visited, the Villa San Michele in Florence, here… http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2009/mar/15/florence-tuscany-cookery In fact the theme of the article was a singles cookery course, but in reality most people go to Villa San Michele on their honeymoons.