Let’s Get Out of Town – a break from wedding planning

Do you need a break from wedding planning or just need a massive injection of fun? This week’s offering is car centric, inspired by the men in my life. My son and D are car obsessed and could probably recite the whole of Top Gear to you. D has a Porsche 911 which he loves with a passion. So as you imagine a knowledge of good roads not too far from London is a distinct plus in this household. And makes for a great day out. Any vehicle will do for this date though, or you could take out membership of the wonderful Classic Car Club http://classiccarclub.co.uk and you can be zooming around the countryside in a different car every weekend. The team at Classic Car Club are lovely, and it is a really friendly place. The lotus elise is my absolute favourite and I have enjoyed driving the many varieties of porsche that they offer. You can even have your wedding there…Whatever your choice of vehicle, the petrolhead in the house advises me that there are ‘good roads’ (by which he means that you can barrel around them very quickly) in West Sussex, Hertfordshire and Essex. For our very second date, three and a half years ago, we sped to a rustic restaurant in Essex called The Angel and Harp http://angelandharp.co.uk. There was a walk with a river and swans who kept doing mating dances for me but only showed their tails when D turned to look at them. We drove home through the wiggly roads of Hertfordshire (this is one time to take a map instead of a satnav, it’s much more romantic and you can get pleasantly lost) and in the evening we came back to London and had dinner at Cicada in Clerkenwell and then watched Charade. The rest as they say…Aw. Feeling quite nostalgic now!Enjoy…D is very shy about his 911 so to illustrate the piece I’ve used a photo from Nick and Haley’s wedding in Hampstead. They had a beautiful white Citroen, and very groovy it looked too, cruising through Hampstead!