Reopening Today!

So, I am officially vaccinated and open for for business to business work today! Non essential and studio headshots will resume on April 12th.

Bring it!

Fiona CH headshots have taken Islington, London, by storm. I specialise in natural, approachable, creative portraits and clients love the way I focus carefully on your needs to create images that perfectly fit your brand. I know how to put you at your ease so that you love the photoshoot and you love the finished photographs.

Are your headshots looking a little tired…? Do you have a picture of your child as a headshot? Does it show you on a beach? Are you staring off into the distance like some kind of eccentric philosopher? Let’s sort out your headshots! Clients will make up their mind about you based 97% on that photo, and only 3% based on what your site says about you. They look at it for a split second and make their mind up about you. In this day and age you need to get a professional, natural and approachable portrait up on that profile.

I know the secrets to creating headshots that will connect with your clients every time. And I am looking forward to creating portraits for you that you will love.

Get in touch now to enquire about custom photoshoots, personal branding and mini headshot sessions.

‘My photoshoot was great. Fiona Campbell Hicks is an excellent
photographer with an eye for detail.’ – Dermot Campbell