Rescued – by a Thunderbird in a Ford Fiesta

All respect to Times motor racing correspondent Kevin Eason and his wife as of today, for their 60 hour marathon home in time to get married. I wish I’d been there to take the wedding pictures, (although I imagine it was hard work editing out all the bags under the groom’s eyes after 46 hours without sleep!) The groom was stranded in Shanghai last Sunday. At 11pm Sunday London time, three hours after his flight was cancelled, he set off.’I soon felt I was in a follow-up to Four Weddings and a Funeral: Four flights, 21 air-hours, six airline meals, 46 hours without sleep and a hair-raising taxi ride.’ From Shanghai Eason flew to Hong Kong and then to Tel Aviv, hoping to connect to Rome. At Rome there was chaos. But he made it to Paris, the final stop. There he was met by international Jacqueline Rescue Service. The bride to be couldn’t wait and had got up at 3am and taken the Eurotunnel Shuttle to drive to Paris in a Ford Fiesta. There was no way she was letting a volcano get in the way of their wedding day. And all respect to Eason for managing to file an article on it in the Times to boot! He writes today, ‘She got her man, and today she gets him for the rest of her life.’From The Times, Saturday 23rd April 2010