Sarra’s Contemporary Portrait shoot – a pampering morning at my studio in Islington

So I promised you the full low down on the fantabulous Sarra’s shoot. I loved this shoot because Sarra was totally open to  being creative and trying anything. She was keen to get some glamorous photographs to present to her husband Steve for his birthday. She also wanted a serious photo for her linked in account. She came exhausted but with a full gamut of glamorous clothes, ‘Should I wear the Manolos or the Jimmy Choos, do you think?’ She has a little bit of Brideshead about her – I imagine her in the thirties being presented at court, somehow. She’s also a serious technical industries PR executive who has owned her own PR company. And that must seem like a piece of cake compared to the three children she manages at home! She has a certain masochistic streak, clearly demonstrated by the fact that she volunteered to run the creche at her local school while on maternity leave. It was high time for some pampering and Anna and I stepped into the breach.We started with a soothing make over courtesy of Anna Mosbruck Anna is a German make up artist who has just moved to London and she did a wonderful job. Before and After: Anna at work:  For Linked In and other Professional websites: For Steve:  I love that the red dress (right) is the one Sarra met Steve in – 11 years ago!