Snap Happy!

an interactive online photo course for kids aged 5 - 11

Day 999 of school at home and we’re all a little blue right now.

I wanted to do something that would make us sparkle again…and I’m calling it the Snap Happy Photo Project.

It’s a challenge that brings groups together and teaches you the basics of photography in 1 tiny lesson each week plus a photo assignment.

Since I’m a professional photographer, I’ve created a 7-week ONLINE photo class where I’ll be showing your how to get better photos with any camera you’ve got…even an old iphone 😉

We’ll cover the basics of creating a photograph with 7 age-appropriate photo projects & 14 fun, short, interactive classes…. Each week you’ll upload your photos to the private facebook group and I’ll give you affirming pointers as to how to nurture your photo skills.

Classes are short and fun, and each week I will set a project for you to tackle. If you miss one you can catch up because they will be recorded.

If you’re interested in joining the Snap Happy Photo Project, or you’d like to book a private Snap Happy class, just call me on 07977 538424 or send me an email via the website; for more details. We’re starting soon.